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Stephen R. Roberts

Author Bio Steve Roberts was born and raised in Noblesville, Indiana. He graduated from Earlham College several decades ago. He retired after thirty-five years in the insurance claims business. In the thirty odd years he has been writing, he’s published over four hundred poems in various literary periodicals. He’s been published in forty-eight of our fifty states. The two remaining stubbornly continue to reject him for unknown reasons. Some of the periodicals he has been published in recently are, Borderlands, BlueStem, New Laurel Review, Briar Cliff Review, Willow Springs, Water–Stone, Comstock Review, Slant, Blueline, Connecticut River Review, Third Wednesday, and Arsenic Lobster. Over the years he has given readings at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Bloomington, Chicago, and various infamous venues around Indianapolis, including the Alley Cat Tavern and the Slippery Noodle. He has five published chapbooks. The two most recent –Small Fire Speaking in the Rain and Rhubarb Desoto. His full length collection, Almost Music from Between Places, was published by Chatter House Press in 2012. Of this collection, it’s been said: These poems consist of peculiar travels over fractured landscapes of dream and nature. Consideration of the bizarre, pondered. The consequences of such things as - a new material that absorbs 99.955 percent of light, stopping, out of sleepy desperation, at that rank motel, asking the wrong questions when taking out a life policy, the triangulated conundrum of assisting cows in calving, or what’s in the big tub down at the algae-smothered pond. If you’ve ever wondered why there are so few poems about bowling balls (two are included here), mispriced turnips, mad clocks, mushrooms, and invasive species, read on.