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Tony Brewer

Author Bio Tony Brewer is a poet, spoken word performer, screenwriter, sound effects artist, and roller derby announcer. He is also executive director of the Spoken Word Stage at the 4th Street Arts Festival in Bloomington, Indiana. He has three books (The Great American Scapegoat, Little Glove in a Big Hand, and Hot Type Cold Read) and wrote and co-produced a DVD, 8 Wheels of Death, the world’s first roller zombie romantic comedy. His third collection, HOT TYPE COLD READ from Chatter House Press, marries the urgent abandon of spoken word to the structured restraint of more traditional poetic forms. Love, sex, death, and typography are explored. Also stars, maps, recovery, loss, isolation, craftsmanship, literacy, dreamwork, communicating with the dead. Half the works are performance poems from 2004-2010, arranged alongside more esoteric pieces, shaped into a narrative that suggests many beginnings and endings, collapsing in on themselves and rising anew.